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TwitPic Anxiety! September 17, 2008

Posted by h0neyb in HoneyBee.
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I noticed 8 days ago (September 8th) that my TwitPic wasn’t updating on my Twitter. or Twitter Search …(Read More on h0neyb Blog)

TwitPic Anxiety 1

Failed TwitPic 😦

TwitPic Anxiety 2

TwitPic Anxiety 3

TwitPic Anxiety 4

TwitPic Anxiety 5

“@h0neyb twitpics are not tweeting…”

Twitpic Anxiety

Thanks @noaheverett!



1. TwitPic Anxiety! « h0neyb’s Weblog - September 17, 2008

[…] again!!! I know there’s a feedback button on Twitpic, but my feedback was just basically a Thank-You Note. Saved me from having to take medications from all the anxiety I was […]

2. jameed - September 21, 2008

12 refills?

3. h0neyb - September 22, 2008

Dear Jameed,
😉 Not many people catch the 12 refills.. We use to have Dr’s prescribing a 32 day supply on C2 meds like Oxycontin, and Methadone… When any person in the pharmacy field knew we could only fill a 30 day supply by law… I did it as a joke, and glad someone caught on..LOL..

4. danielle - October 21, 2008


5. h0neyb - December 5, 2008

Update: @noaheverett fixed my problem.. Thank-you! Next Starbucks is on me!

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