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Mullet=No Dates December 4, 2008

Posted by h0neyb in Math.
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Starbucks 1

Starbucks 2

Starbucks 3

Starbucks 4

Starbucks 5

Starbucks 6



1. h0neyb - December 4, 2008

This is a true story, & I laughed so hard when I heard it.. Lol.. Good Luck with all the Ladies!

2. Steven Mandzik - December 4, 2008

i resent this in every way. I am growing my mullet. I am am proud of little herbie. It looks rad and you shouldnt judge until i post a picture.

srsly, mullet fan club all the way

3. stickfiggers - December 4, 2008

This explains my lack of dates lately. I do not go to starbucks!

4. TheMia - December 4, 2008

Basically, you’re telling all the dudes with mullets, “hey, we don’t want to date you as long as you have that mullet. Who cares about how sexy you are? Get rid of the mullet and we’re yours.”

Don’t tell them that shit, because half of them don’t understand what “go the fuck away” means.


5. h0neyb - December 4, 2008

Steven Mandzik, I need to see this Mullet aka Little Herbie.. it might just change my mind on it:p

6. h0neyb - December 4, 2008

I agree that Men can’t read Women worth shit.. but I also agree Women can be the same.. I could be drawin about mullets or women’s hair on their va-jay-jays & the situation would still be the same..

7. Jack Hadley - December 4, 2008

as always, insightfully simple and simply insightful

8. The_BORG - December 4, 2008


9. Bags - December 12, 2008

Oh man, I need to totally rethink my exercise routine now. I’ve been completely amiss in my weight-loss fantasy for far too long.

10. Josh - December 16, 2008

Why are mullets not cool. Hello–fun and serious at the same time!!

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