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JapBEEnese Experts February 25, 2009

Posted by h0neyb in Beedoodles On Request.
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I did this Beedoodle Request for @MichaelMACHIDA from Twitter, he is a professional Career Search Consultant for job hunters in Japan and America..(read more)


JapBEEnese 1.1JapBEEnese 2.1
JapBEEnese 3.1JapBEEnese 4.1
JapBEEnese 5.1JapBEEnese 6.1jpg
JapBEEnese 7.1JapBEEnese 8.1jpg



1. Michael Machida - February 26, 2009

I LOVE IT! You are amazing! Two thumbs up! You hit the mark! Exact target! I am thrilled with your talent!! Michael Machida

2. @h0neyb - February 26, 2009

I am so HappBEE you ❤ it!!! I gotta tell you I love the JapBEEnese little bee I drew for this comic! Thanks again 4 the compliment!

3. pema Chhophyel - February 26, 2009

Japanese-Expert doodle is brilliant, smily faces are what we need at this moment, definitely picture speaks the volume about Japanese-Expert. spiky hair guys simply hilarious..

4. Monica Demalon - February 26, 2009

So amazingly talented! Who is the artist?

5. Jake - March 4, 2009

I love Japanese Experts bees.

How can I order mine?

Jake Omiya

6. john McBride - March 15, 2009

How can I get a BeeDoodle?

I visited Japanese-Experts.com and saw how you created a BeeDoodle for them and wish to have one for my biz!


7. Michael Machida - September 13, 2009

Melissa, Thank you so much for the Jabeeeeeneeeesssseeee bee’s! I sent you a donation and hope that you will stay in contact with me on twitter!

Michael Machida

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