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1. a collection of stick/bee drawings expressing the thoughts of @h0neyb’s mind
2 a blog put together for fun , laughter & entertaining other minds


I started drawing these in 2006, and finally got sick of shoving them all in a shoe box. I do this blog for fun, and because I like to do it! I enjoy making jokes, and drawing stick figures & bees. This is sometimes the only way I get a break in between going to work & school full-time.

Everyone has habits, mine just consist of drawing cartoon scenarios. Don’t BEE mistaken, this may look like a cute children site, but open your eyes a little bit more 😉

My name is Melissa (which means Honeybee), I was born in Beeville Texas in Bee County! So yes my Bee Obsession couldn’t fit me more perfectly!!

You can check out me via Twitter @h0neyb!  






1. extremesenior - August 25, 2008

I eat a lot of watermelon. Know wonder I get lots of looks from the Ladies.

2. john jay - October 14, 2008

what if a woman eats water melon? same effect?

3. h0neyb - October 14, 2008

Dear John Jay,

I’m really not sure and there hasn’t been any documentation of tests done with Women would you like me to do a science fair project? 🙂

4. Jack Hadley - November 13, 2008

I like your illustrations. Have you ever considered offering them professionally to art directors, etc. I do a lot of writing for ad agencies and I think your style could work for certain clients. Anyway, just wondering…

5. Susan Mercedes - February 1, 2009

Your website makes me smile! Reminds me so much of you…fun, brilliant, sassy, clear, upbeat and vivacious. Hugs!

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