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Beedoodles on Request

Zinfully Delicious Zinfully Delicious
“The Zen of Eating”

Check out his Blog.. BEElieve Me you’ll leave Hungry!

If you want to contact the man you can find him buzzing around on Twitter: @PreppyDude

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This was a request for my friends @UtahSnow on Twitter!

“Utah snow reports for you!”

I always used them for the local snow reports. Thanks guys! You make it possible for me to check the snow reports from my own bed! Lol!

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Park City

Mountain Resort

Hope you guys enjoy it & I can’t wait to Snowboard with Y’all soon!!! Thanks again Guys for donating 2 Lift Tickets for the drawing at #SMCSLC (Social Media Club)!

Go follow @PCSki on Twitter!

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   Killerbee VS BeedoodlesKillerbee vs Beedoodles

@RichTucker was the first one to TwitPic a Bee for me on the contest I ran! As promised I sent him his postcard, and waited patiently till he got it so I could post it! :p

You might find @RichTucker buzzing around on @CruiseSource which he won a @Shortysaward for! Congrats & I’m so HapBEE you drew me a little bee! 





“I’ve been a professional Career Search
Consultant for job hunters in Japan and America, assisting people to locate professional jobs
with a company, or school – offering visa support
since I first came to Japan over eight years ago,
from America. My job is to help you get the kind of career you want with a company who may offer visa sponsorship!”
Click to see Beedoodle Blog Post “JapBEEnese Experts



ClogOn.com was formed by experienced Internet business owners and long-time clogging specialists. We feel that this combination of strengths provides you, the avid clogger, with the unparalleled opportunity to shop online securely along with the benefit of interacting with professional cloggers who aim to Keep Clogging Strong. ClogOn.com is dedicated to providing quality products and services to the fellow clogging market with a very user-friendly clogging website. 

Click to see Clog On Beedoodle Blog Post

Do You Have a Clogging Shoe Question?  

Contact Nate Moller, www.ClogOn.com Founder, directly via Twitter



Obama Dog 1

Obama’s New White House Pet

What kind of pet is Obama going to get now that he’s President?

Click to see Beedoodle Blog Post “Obama’s New White House Pet”

Requested by: @BigBags Via~>TWEET!

 “@h0neyb If you do a comic about Beerack Obama, I’ll throw it up on my ColbertCampus.com blog along with some link juice.”




Wine 6

A Good Time With Wine

A simple wine blog with one mission, to review wines from around the world. Featuring video reviews (Vlog) as well as text only wine reviews, we hope to add value to your wine experience. Whether an aficionado or a neophite, we intend on making wine more fun and more approachable.


Click to see Beedoodle Blog Post “How Bees Fall in Love”

Contact Matt/@mmWine via Twitter 



You can find him on Twitter!
He requested for me to draw him up a new Avatar for his Twitter Account. So I drew him Two! Hope you Enjoy @MisterRx 🙂

Let me know how many new followers you get from this.. BEEcause you’re lookin pretty Hot in the Cartoon!!!! :p



1. h0neyb - January 26, 2009

Here’s a little page on some requests I’ve had! Enjoy!

2. Nate - January 28, 2009

Great stuff! Who from Twitter thinks @h0neyb should turn this in to an online business?

I totally do! Thanks @h0neyb!

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8. ajmahler - January 15, 2011

I am sooo disappointed my beedoodle isn’t a sample. I thought the expensive margarita set and signed copy of my first edition novel would set the bar! Phhhht;-)

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