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You know you’re Drunk When… July 6, 2009

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drunk 1

You think the Lead Singer wants you..


drunk 2

You think the Stripper is into you..

I had to draw this after reading @susanmercedes blog post “Wino Wednesday” Thanks for always keeping me laughing!


How Bees Fall In Love December 16, 2008

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Wine 1

Wine 2

Wine 3

Wine 4

Wine 5

Wine 6

Wine 7

Wine 8

A Good Time With



Don’t Mess with a Bee June 10, 2008

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Lately I’ve been messing with this site Twitter. It’s basically just people posting random things, and people can respond back. It’s my new addiction next to Stumble. Pownce & Twitter have pretty much the same setup, except I use Twitter a lot more. I’ve gone nuts with the Twitter business and WhiskeyChick is to blame for introducing it to me. I can upload photo’s straight to TwitPic and it automatically posts onto my Twitter.

If you have a Twitter Account & you haven’t followed me yet get on it!

h0neyb’s Twitter

I’ve met a lot of people on site, and bullshit back and forth. One had it coming to them.. I think they actually wrote me a Tweet (message on Twitter) that said “BRING IT!!”

Well I’ll let the clay tell the rest of the story of this pathetic little Flame, who calls himself BeauFrusetta

BeauHLF 1

BeauHLF 2

BeauHLF 3

And the little Bee says….

“Gotcha Bitch!!!”


RIP BeauFrusetta

RIP Bee April 21, 2008

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So last week I finished my family of jelly bees at work (yellow jelly beans that I made to look like bees). I left last week with them perfectly lined up and happy. I get back this morning after the weekend, and sadly to say…… One of them kicked the bucket… Dead.. All the other bees are taking it pretty hard…

Jelly Bees

Dead Bee

Fly in Peace

Dirty Salty Snacks March 13, 2008

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Salty Snack I was handed a snack today on the Airplane…. and of course it was Yummy!!! Now only if I could get my hands on some more Salty Snacks..Mmmmm…

Vibrating BEE-lit March 8, 2008

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So here is what a bee’s vibrator looks like. I’ve purchased a Vibrating Bullit, but it is transformed into the Vibrating BEE-llit! It has wings (so obviously it’s meant just for the vibrations, and not to be inserted. Now come to think of it, I actually never tried…Hmmm) and yellow and black stripes, and a cute little smiley face on it. It has 4 settings on it..

1.Low 2.Medium 3.High 4.HOLY FUCK! (the above title explains it all) Vibrating BEE-llit

Yeah so it’s pretty much a bee’s prized possession …

BEE Tagging March 7, 2008

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Now who can get mad when I spray paint images like this around town?
Love Stings