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Utah Snow March 5, 2009

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Beedoodles on Request:

@UtahSnow on Twitter! (read more)



TwitPic Anxiety! September 17, 2008

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I noticed 8 days ago (September 8th) that my TwitPic wasn’t updating on my Twitter. or Twitter Search …(Read More on h0neyb Blog)

TwitPic Anxiety 1

Failed TwitPic 😦

TwitPic Anxiety 2

TwitPic Anxiety 3

TwitPic Anxiety 4

TwitPic Anxiety 5

“@h0neyb twitpics are not tweeting…”

Twitpic Anxiety

Thanks @noaheverett!

Don’t Mess with a Bee June 10, 2008

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Lately I’ve been messing with this site Twitter. It’s basically just people posting random things, and people can respond back. It’s my new addiction next to Stumble. Pownce & Twitter have pretty much the same setup, except I use Twitter a lot more. I’ve gone nuts with the Twitter business and WhiskeyChick is to blame for introducing it to me. I can upload photo’s straight to TwitPic and it automatically posts onto my Twitter.

If you have a Twitter Account & you haven’t followed me yet get on it!

h0neyb’s Twitter

I’ve met a lot of people on site, and bullshit back and forth. One had it coming to them.. I think they actually wrote me a Tweet (message on Twitter) that said “BRING IT!!”

Well I’ll let the clay tell the rest of the story of this pathetic little Flame, who calls himself BeauFrusetta

BeauHLF 1

BeauHLF 2

BeauHLF 3

And the little Bee says….

“Gotcha Bitch!!!”


RIP BeauFrusetta